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What do we have going on?
Given the number of family members, there's always something really cool going on. Sometimes it's just stuff to do around Serenity Ranch, or sometimes one of the kids have something exciting happening in their lives. We really enjoy embarking on different adventures like camping, motorcycle rides, car cruises, or even just an old-fashioned dinner with the family. So come along and join us on some of our current and upcoming projects!
CASA Gala - Friday, February 17th, 2023
As some may or may not know, Angela is a CASA volunteer. This means that she works with foster children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. This is an amazing program whith many volunteers, all of whom offer their time to be the voices for children who are involved in the family court system.

Every year, CASA regions hold a Gala in order to raise funds for the CASA Program. These fundraisers are tremendously important in helping to maintain the program. In 2022, Angela was part of the planning committee and not only helped to organize the event, but was also involved many other aspects including graphics design and attracting sponsors.

This year, Angela is back in the fold and we're hoping to make 2023 an even better year than 2022! We would like to a moment and invite you to become a CASA partner and donate to this wonderful program! Just visit http://www.piedmontcasa.org/become-a-partner.html for more information. Thank you!